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Hello! Thank you for choosing our gift making service Daki.Market !
We hope you enjoyed the order.

To help other people overcome the fear of ordering gifts online, and to improve the service and quality of our products, we ask you to spend literally 2-3 minutes on feedback about our company. In gratitude for leaving a review with a photo of the ordered product, you will receive a promo code for a discount on the next order.

We are well aware that not everyone wants to share their photos. But we also need to replenish photos of finished products (because we never take photos of finished products ourselves due to confidentiality) so that new customers are not afraid to order. A review with a photo always reliably shows that a person really ordered a product from us and received a finished product, which is why a promo code is sent for a review with a photo. If you or the recipient are in the photo with the gift, then we will send a promo code for a double discount. Unfortunately, in the modern world there is little trust in just text reviews.

You can also upload a photo to your Instagram (account must be open) by tagging us