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The Witcher Cirilla Blanket

Blanket with Ciri -original gift for a Witcher fan
110x150 cm
150x200 cm
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Questions and answers

What fabric is the blanket made of?

The blanket is made of soft and pleasant to the touch material. Two types of fabric are available:
Fleece - synthetic soft fabric without lint, has a matte shade (does not shine), environmentally friendly and very warm. Fleece density is 280 г/m².
Plush - soft, delicate fabric with thick fluffy pile on both sides. Also hypoallergenic, matte, breathable. Plush Density is 270 г/m².

Which fabric is better for blanket: fleece or plush? What is warmer?

The photos are clearer on the fleece, because it is lint-free, but the plush is softer. A fleece blanket is considered warmer, it has better thermal insulation properties. What is more important to you is up to you.

Is it possible to make a blanket of a another size?

We make blankets with print-ready designs only in two sizes - 150х200 cm и 110х150 cm.
If you want to order a blanket in size 200x220 cm, you can download your own images (min. 13) on this page Big blanket with photo.

Can I choose another color of the blanket?

We make blankets with full sealing, this means the image will be with no margins. The other side'll be white. If you want to make the reverse side in a different color or with a different image, please order the custom blanket here Photo blanket.

Can I add an inscription on the blanket?

Yes, specify in the comments to the order what text you want to place and the font color, our designer will overlay the text on top of the image and coordinate the layout with you

How are the edges of the blanket processed?

The edges of the fleece plaid are simply hemmed, the plush is sewn with an overlock.

Can I use my own layout for printing, not your standard ones?

Yes, but your design must match the parameters for printing. It's size must be 150x200 cm, 150 dpi, format JPG/JPEG. Upload your layout via the page Photo blanket. If you get a large & heavy file with a layout and you can't upload it on the site, then place an order without photo, use any cloud storage and send us a link: Google drive,, pCloud, icedrive, mega.

Is it allowed to wash the blanket?

Yes, the care instructions can be found on this page above. You can iron the blanket only on the underside. The quality of photos after washing does not spoil.

What is the production time?

1-2 business days, the production is located in Yekaterinburg. The delivery time to your city can be found in the section Delivery.

What is the thickness of the blanket?

Fleece 0,3-0,4 cm, plush 0,6-0,7 cm.

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