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Pillow «Метрика с котейкой»

Give your loved one a unique pillow with your photos.

Size from 37x37 to 70x70 cm,
fabric – gabardine,
filler – sintepon,
up to 45 cm without zip.
up to 25 photos per side
Only a pillowcase with a zipper
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Pillow with photos of pets as a keepsake
Pillows with a corporate logo for coworking
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Photo layout options
Layout from 25 photos
layout from 25 photos
Layout from 1 photos
layout from 1 photos
Layout from 4 photos
layout from 4 photos
Layout from 6 photos
layout from 6 photos
Layout from 8 photos
layout from 8 photos
Layout from 9 photos
layout from 9 photos
Layout from 10 photos
layout from 10 photos
Layout from 13 photos
layout from 13 photos
Layout from 16 photos
layout from 16 photos
Layout from 17 photos
layout from 17 photos
Layout from 19 photos
layout from 19 photos
Layout from 20 photos
layout from 20 photos
Layout from 22 photos
layout from 22 photos
Layout from 25 photos
layout from 25 photos
Layout from 1 photos
layout from 1 photos
How is a pillow made?
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Questions and answers

Is it possible to place photos on the second side of the pillow? The price will not change?

Yes, you can. The cost will remain the same.

What is the size of the pillow with photos? Is it possible to make a different size?

We print and sew square pillows of different sizes. The standard size of a square pillow is 37x37 cm. You can choose the desired size in the "Cart" after uploading images.

Size chart of pillowcases and square pillows with prices
Size, cm Pillowcase+pillow, $ Only pillowcase, $ Only pillow, $
70х70 59 41 41
55х55 52 38 38
50х50 48 36 36
45х45 43 35 32
40х40 42 35 32
37х37 39 33 30
We also make rectangular (elongated) photo pads, for example 30x60 cm and huge hug pillows 35x140 cm.

Is it possible to order only a pillowcase with a photo?

Yes, we can print your photo, print or picture on a square pillow cover of any size (for example: 40x40, 45x45, 50x50, 55x55 or 70x70 cm), sew and deliver by mail or courier services. The pillowcase will be with a zipper. The size of the pillowcase is selected in the basket after uploading photos. Prices, examples and additional information can be viewed here.

How many photos can be placed on a pillow?

On each side of the pillow can be placed 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22 or 25 photos.

Is it possible to make an inscription on the pillow?

Yes. You can view the finished illustrations in our catalog or you can create your own inscription on the pillow through the option "add a block of text".

Will old (and black-and-white) scanned photos be suitable?


What is the pillow made of?

Fabric — gabardine (matte fabric, dense, smooth, soft to the touch and very plastic), filler — sintepon.

Is it possible to sleep on a pillow?

This product is primarily more of a decorative interior item than a full-fledged pillow for sleeping.

What's the production time?

1-2 business days. The delivery time to your city can be found in the section Delivery.

Will the photos from the phone be suitable for printing?

Depends on the quality of your images. The minimal resolution of photos for high-quality printing is 960x960 pixels. We can print smaller images, but they may be grainy or blurry.

Is it possible to use rectangular photos for printing?

Yes, but all photos will be cropped to a square when preparing the layout. The layout is sent before printing for approval. If you wish, you can replace the photos. It's free.

Can I make the layout myself, what size and quality should it be?

Yes, you can. The image quality depends on the size of the pillow or pillowcase. We recommend setting 200-300 dpi. The specific dimensions of the layouts in pixels can be viewed in   article in our blog.

Is it allowed to wash the pillow?

Yes, the care instructions can be found on this page above.

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