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Bathroom Curtain

The best gift for a housewarming or wedding – let everyday life become brighter!
Any of your individual design or our photo collage.

Size 150x185 cm, doesn't leak the water,
hangs smoothly and beautifully,
doesn't stick to the body.
it really looks like "textiles", not oilcloth.
can be washed.


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Already made 1 bathroom curtain
Photoblind in the bathtub
Custom-made bathroom curtains
Print on the bathtub screen
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Photo layout options
Layout from 99 photos
layout from 99 photos
Layout from 1 photos
layout from 1 photos
Layout from 15 photos
layout from 15 photos
Layout from 21 photos
layout from 21 photos
Layout from 27 photos
layout from 27 photos
Layout from 43 photos
layout from 43 photos
Layout from 54 photos
layout from 54 photos
Layout from 60 photos
layout from 60 photos
Layout from 99 photos
layout from 99 photos
Layout from 1 photos
layout from 1 photos
Quality of materials and printing
Catalog of prints for bathroom curtains

20.07.2024: We update our print catalog every day. If your favorite character is not in our catalog, you can write to the manager and she will add it within 24 hours.

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Questions and answers

How many photos are needed for the curtain?

The collage requires 1, 15, 21, 27, 43, 54, 60 or 99 photos.

Is it possible to send fewer photos for collage?

Yes, but then we'll duplicate some photos to the minimum required quantity.

What is the size of the curtain? Is it possible to make another one?

The only possible size is 150x185 cm.

What material is the curtain made of?

Bath curtains are made of high–quality dense synthetic material - polyester.

Is it possible to print photos from both sides?

No, the collage is applied only to one side of the curtain. The light transmission capacity of the photos on the curtain is 50-70%, which means that the drawing will be quite clearly visible on the back of the curtain.

Is it allowed to wash the curtain?

Yes, it is. In manual washing mode at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C. It's forbidden to use any products containing chlorine or other bleaching substances. Drying of the product without pressing. Iron at an average temperature of up to 150 ° through a damp cloth.

Are the photos from the phone suitable for printing?

Depends on the quality of your images. The minimal resolution of photos for high-quality printing is 960x960 pixels. We can print smaller images, but they may be grainy or blurry.

Is it possible to use rectangular photos for printing?

Yes, but all photos will be cropped to a square when preparing the layout. The layout is sent before printing for approval. If you wish, you can replace the photos. It's free.

What is the production time?

1-2 business days, the production is located in Yekaterinburg. The delivery time to your city can be found in the section Delivery.

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