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A solar-powered pendant lamp with your photos. No wires and concern for the environment. Pleases with photos day and night.
Fabric– «Duspo», removable lampshade, LED and battery.

Up to 23 photos,
diameter 22 cm, height: 32 cm


Up to 60 photos, diameter 28 cm, height: 50 cm.


Quality of materials and printing
Questions and answers

Is it possible to make pendant lights of a different size?


Is it possible to wash the lampshade? Will the photos fade over time?

Yes, gentle washing in a typewriter at a temperature of 40 °, it is impossible to iron. Photos don't fade.

Which light bulb is used?

An LED is used, which, compared to incandescent lamps, consumes up to 85% less electricity and lasts 20 times longer.

If there are no wires and no sun, then where does the electricity come from?

1 rechargeable battery (AAA 1.2V), saving solar energy, is included. The battery life is about 2 years. Then it can be replaced.

How long does the battery charge?

Charging time is 9-12 hours in sunny weather and over 12 hours in cloudy weather. A fully charged battery provides light for 12 hours.

What materials are used?

"Duspo" is a light-scattering (translucent) PVC fabric with a density of 420 — 510 g/m². In addition, the matte coating allows you to avoid unwanted glare and reflections on the canvas. The brightness of the lampshade and the adequacy of its color scheme should be the same during the day, when the lighting is frontal and natural, and at night, when the photos are illuminated by lamps from the inside. Therefore, the "Duspo" fabric has increased light transmission characteristics.
Support bracket: steel, powder coating. Battery compartment: plastic.

Can I make an inscription on the lampshade?

Yes. We can make an inscription instead of one or more photos.

What is the production time?

What is the production time?1-2 business days. The delivery time to your city can be found in the section Delivery.

Are the photos from the phone suitable for printing?

Depends on the quality of your images. The minimum resolution of photos for high-quality printing is 960x960 pixels. We can print smaller images, but they may be grainy or fuzzy. When uploading photos via the website, a warning will appear if the photo is not suitable in quality.

Is it possible to use rectangular photos for printing?

Yes, but all photos will be cropped to a square when preparing the layout. The layout is sent before printing for approval. If you wish, you can replace the photos. It's free.

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