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What to gift for 1 year to daughter?

Pillow with photo and date of birth

Our client photo (Yekaterinburg, 23.12.2019)

Through our service, you can order a pillow with your family photos on one side and the date and time of birth, weight and height of your baby girl on the back. You will get a valuable family artifact gift.

Insert a photo into 28 Alenka chocolates

Our client photo (Moscow, 29.03.2019)

Guests will definitely appreciate these funny and cute candies with a portrait of the birthday girl, take pictures of them and post them on their Instagram ;) But after all, this is what it was all about?))

Children's fleece blanket with photo

Our client photo (Port of Spain, 19.09.2018)

On such a beautiful plaid, you can place from 1 to 48 photos on each side. The space between the photos can be painted over with any color. Such a thing will become a valuable family heirloom.

Cubes from family photographs

Our client photo (Yekaterinburg, 05.01.2018)

A unique product developed by our team - soft fabric photo cubes for children. You can order these only at our store. 24 photos (on 4 cubes) will immediately become a family heirloom, which you can pass on as an inheritance, because nothing will happen to them, even after a dozen washings ;)

Print the first photos

Our client photo (Yekaterinburg, 19.02.2017)

When a family has a baby, you can't have too many pictures. And during the first year of life countless of them are accumulated. So if you do not know what to give as a gift for one year old daughter - just print out pictures of the past period. Enjoy them with the whole family, and in the future the little girl will grow up and watch them with interest.

A large collage of the first photos

Our client photo (Yekaterinburg, 15.04.2015)

A stylish gift that will delight the whole family for years to come. You can time it to coincide with your child's first birthday and put pictures of the first year of his/her life on the poster. A protective glass will keep the poster in its original form and you can pass it on "by inheritance".
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