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What to gift for Christmas and New Year to husband?

The original gift to the husband for the New Year

Our client photo (Moscow, 08.02.2022)

Men, too, sometimes need sentimental gifts. Just not everyone can admit it. Imposing standards dictate their own terms, but our men also want to show their love, and not only in the form of a new fishing rod on Christmas, and something more emotionally colored. Therefore, do not hesitate to give your husband a gift with photos. Firstly, it is unlikely he has ever received such a gift, and secondly his emotions from the presented memories will be inexpressible!

Chocolate jigsaw puzzles

Our client photo (Lyon, 15.12.2019)

Manufactured in 1 day, placed already assembled in a bright metal box - 28 candy chocolates. You can give them as a gift assembled or unassembled. You can eat them together with your loved one ;)

Fleece blanket 200x220 cm with family photos

Our client photo (Moscow, 23.01.2019)

Our plaid was a gift for the family from Santa Claus! Everyone really liked the surprise! My husband loves unexpected gifts and was pleasantly surprised. My daughter especially liked the gift, she said that "it looks like Santa is following us through Instagram and stealing our photos"! Yes, she is 9 years old, but she believes in Santa (we saw the real one in Finland and in Moscow). The blanket is made of high quality, the photos are clear, bright. The fabric itself is soft, pleasant to the touch. The order was completed very quickly, packed well, the delivery worked promptly. Thank you for your work and for helping to keep faith in miracles!

Floor lamp with 63 photos

Our client photo (Podolsk, 18.01.2019)

An ideal gift for those who have everything, for those who travel a lot and take pictures. Photos should not be placed only on the Internet or on the phone. Print and give real things that will delight every day.

Pillow 60x30 cm from family photos

Our client photo (Ekibastuz, 12.02.2019)

It is a gift that will constantly remind him of your love.

Case for the new iPhone

Our client photo (Yaroslavl, 09.01.2015)

Order a unique case for your loved one's new phone with your kitty. Why? Because he should always be there ;)

Magnets and insta-photo mug

Our client photo (Yekaterinburg, 05.03.2015)

Magnets for the fridge can be a great addition to any New Year's Eve gift. They will make it more personal, show your husband how much you appreciate him, and remind you of the sweetest moments of the past year.
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