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What to gift for birthday to boyfriend?

Blanket with Darth Vader

Our client photo (Novokuznetsk, 12.05.2022)

Not so long ago we decided to make a catalog of ready-made prints not only for dakimakuras, but also for other products. One of them is a blanket. And it is already being ordered by the most inquisitive customers - a novelty is always so exciting! As well as for the plaid with photos, two fabrics are available to choose from - fleece or plush, and two sizes: 110x150 cm and 150x200 cm.

A blanket with your photos

Our client photo (Penza, 15.01.2021)

In Daki Market, you can order a 150 by 200 cm blanket by choosing 1 of 18 layouts with different photo placement. During the checkout process, you swap the photos yourself, as you need and like them more. And then you coordinate the layout with the manager, having the opportunity to adjust it if you don't like something.

Case for iPhone with a photo

Our client photo (Brno, 26.09.2018)

You can put any photo, collage, inscription, or all at once on your smartphone case. It costs the same as the cases from China sold on shopping mall islands, and sometimes even cheaper.

Cuddle pillow with pictures and words

Our client photo (Yekaterinburg, 05.08.2015)

"A year together, and that's not the limit... Forever ahead!" - one of the options for a congratulatory inscription on the back of a huge photo pillow, in case you met on his birthday. And on the face side, you can place up to 36 of your shared photos ;) It will take one business day to make.
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