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What to gift for no reason to female friend?

Photo blanket for travel

Our client photo (Kamensk-Uralsky, 18.08.2017)

Have you been communicating with a friend from another country for a long time? It's time to move to a new level! Send him a photo of a plaid with a photo of you and our country as a gift.

Instagram-inspired cosmetic bag

Our client photo (Kamensk-Uralsky, 25.07.2017)

A treasure trove of feminine secrets and beauty. Make the cosmetic bag not only filled inside, but also beautiful outside by adding photos to it. The original gift for your favorite girlfriend is ready!

Case with name and photo

Our client photo (Yekaterinburg, 11.02.2017)

We know exactly how to make your best friend happy - give her a case with her picture on it. And you don't have to wait for some holiday, by the way. Make your loved ones happy here and now!

Album with vacation photos

Our client photo (Yekaterinburg, 24.03.2016)

As soon as you return from the trip - immediately, without postponing, print out the pictures! They should not hang on the hard drive, in a bunch of other photos, these are warm memories that should always be at hand. And if you were vacationing with a friend, then please her with a sudden present, fill out the album yourself, make signatures with things that only you understand and laugh at them again together over a cup of tea on a cold autumn evening.

A volumetric word for decor

Our client photo (Yekaterinburg, 29.09.2015)

A gift for patriots only! Three-dimensional word made of wood with the name of your favorite city or country. Length - 60 cm, color choice: white, black, yellow, pink, blue or green.

Order Insta-magnets

Our client photo (Snezhinsk, 04.03.2015)

Our magnets have two sizes: 6x6 cm and 9x9 cm. And as you understand, they can be perfectly combined with each other. Check it out for yourself by giving two sets of magnets to your girlfriend. Spend a fun evening forming different shapes on her fridge.
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