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Luggage Cover

Your suitcase will never get lost on baggage belts at airports and will save irretrievably spent money and time on packaging.
Fabric: biflex (washable, stretches well, durable)
from 1 to 72 photos, extra large


from 1 to 72 photos, large


from 1 to 76 photos, medium


from 1 to 80 photos, small


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Photo layout options
Layout from 36 photos
layout from 36 photos
Layout from 1 photos
layout from 1 photos
Layout from 21 photos
layout from 21 photos
Layout from 36 photos
layout from 36 photos
Layout from 1 photos
layout from 1 photos
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Questions and answers

How many photos do I need for a suitcase cover?

For a large suitcase, you need from 1, 21 or 36 photos for each side. For small and medium 1, 23, 38 for each side.

What material is the luggage cover made of?

Biflex fabric is appreciated for its incredible stretchability and elasticity. However, it has other useful qualities:

  • Endurance. Despite its apparent thinness (the density of our biflex is 180 g/m2.), this material is quite durable and wear-resistant. Fibers and their connections are responsible for this;
  • The density of the biflex is high enough, so the material does not shine through;
  • High extensibility. Moreover, even when the canvas is magnified several times, the images on the fabric will not fade;
  • Wear-resistant;
  • Doesn't fade in the sun;
  • Doesn't require special care;
  • Dries quickly;
  • It retains its original appearance for a long time: doesn't shed, doesn't bubble at the bend places;
  • Does not crumple.

How to choose the size of a suitcase cover?

S is the smallest size that is suitable for small suitcases with a height of no more than 55 centimeters, a width of about 40 cm and a thickness of 24. In inches, this corresponds to 20.
M is the average size. It is suitable for a suitcase having a height from 55 to 70 cm, a width of 43-50 cm and a thickness of about 27-29. This corresponds to 24 inches.
L is a large size, and in such a case a spacious suitcase for the whole family will fit, having a height, width and thickness of 70-80, 54-55 and 33-34 cm, respectively. It's 28 inches.
Before buying a case, arm yourself with a tape measure or a centimeter tape and measure the suitcase. If the size of the protective accessory is selected incorrectly, it will not perform its functions.

Is it possible to print one photo on each side of the case?

Yes, it is.

Are the photos from the phone suitable for printing?

Depends on the quality of your images. Minimum photo resolution for high-quality printing 960x960 pixels. We can print smaller images, but they may be grainy or blurry. If you want to place only one photo on each side, then the resolution of the photo should be from 2000 *3000 pixels.

What is the production time for a suitcase case with photos?

2-3 business days, the production is located in Yekaterinburg. The delivery time to your city can be found in the section Delivery.

Will old (and black-and-white) scanned photos be suitable?


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