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Order a pillow with your favorite character from the anime or actor of the series or with your photo. A cool birthday gift, and most importantly - a huge one!
Fabric – gabardine, filler – sintepon, print on both sides. Sizes from 30х60 to 50х200 cm

Inner pillow+cover

from $33

Pillowcase with print

from $17

Inner pillow (without photo printing)

from $17

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gift for fans of Michael Jackson
Moondrop and Sundrop on dakimakura cover
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Dakimakura sizes
Attention! Pillowcase size indicated. If you want the pillow to fit your height, then choose a larger size.
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Quality of materials and printing
Our dakimakura pillow print catalog

18.05.2024: The catalog is updated daily. If the character you need is not in the catalog - our manager will help you find a print with him.

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hypoallergenic pillow Our dakimakuras are hypoallergenic and suitable for children of all ages.

Pillow Care Rules

Real emotions when receiving dakimakura 😍
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Questions and answers

What is a dakimakura?

A dakimakura is a large pillow featuring a full-length image of a character from a movie, cartoon, or a well-known personality (politician, musician, singer, actor). It's sometimes referred to as the «pillow for the lonely», but we don't see it that way 😉

How many photos can be placed on a long hug pillow?

Two. One full-length image of the hero on each side. The price includes print photos from both sides.

What is the size of the dakimakura pillow? Is it possible to get a different size?

We print and sew dakimakuras in various sizes. Standard dimensions are 30x60 and 35x140 cm. You can select the preferred size on the website during the ordering process. Please note that the size refers to the pillowcase (excluding the filler).

Size chart for pillowcases and dakimakura pillows with prices
Size, cm Pillowcase+pillow, $ Only pillowcase, $ Only pillow, $
50х200 62 30 32
50х170 53 25 28
50х150 44 22 22
35х170 44 22 22
35х140 33 17 17
30х60 18 14 7
The specific size of the dakimakura pillow is selected in the "Cart" when placing an order (after uploading images).

Is it possible to order a dakimakura pillow without a pillowcase with a photo print?

Certainly, you can. The pillow will be plain white, with spunbond fabric and a sintepon filler.

Is it possible to order only a pillowcase with a photo print (without a pillow)? How much will it cost?

Absolutely! The cost depends on the size (refer to the details above).

What fabric is the pillow made of? What kind of filler?

The dakimakura's pillowcase is crafted from gabardine — a matte, dense, smooth, and soft-to-the-touch fabric. The inner pillow is made of spunbond, with a sintepon filler.

What's the production time of the dakimakura?

1-2 business days. Our production facility is based in Riga (Latvia). Delivery times to your city can be found in the Delivery section.

Is it allowed to wash a dakimakura pillow?

Certainly, care instructions are available on this page, included with every order.

What quality images are needed?

The more pixels, the better! Our layout size for one side of the dakimakura is 35x140 cm - 2068x8268 pixels. Other pillow sizes and layouts can be found in our blog's article about print on pillowcases. The closer your picture is to this resolution, the better the fabric's image will turn out. It's important to note that artificially increasing the photo's dimensions won't enhance quality; the photo must be initially in high resolution for a successful print.

Will pictures of ready-made dakimakuras from other stores be suitable?

No, images from other stores producing similar pillows aren't suitable for print. They intentionally post low-quality images to ensure a high-quality version is exclusive to them.

How to persuade parents to buy a dakimakura?

Convince them that a giant pillow is much more budget-friendly than a new iPhone (especially an old one!). You could assure them you won't ask for one this time (saving that request for Santa Claus at Christmas;)) 🎅✨

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