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Naruto Konan Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow

Konan - manga and anime character «Naruto». Kunoichi from Amegakure and one of the founders of the original Akatsuki.
Pillowcase Fabric – gabardine, pillow filler – sintepon, printing on both sides.
30x60 cm
35x140 cm
35x170 cm
50x150 cm
50x170 cm
50x200 cm
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Shotan Naruto dakimakura
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Dakimakura sizes
Attention! Pillowcase size indicated. If you want the pillow to fit your height, then choose a larger size.
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21.07.2024: The catalog is updated daily. If the character you need is not in the catalog - our manager will help you find a print with him.

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Questions and answers

Is it possible to use different prints from the catalog on one pillow, and how can I do this?

Yes, it is possible. You need to choose the layout number for the first side and then select the option «other print» to place a different layout on the second side.

Is it possible to apply my own photo/picture/print to a body pillow dakimakura?

Yes, it is possible. To do this, you need to upload images for each side through the Print on Dakimakura page.

What is the size of the dakimakura body pillow? Is it possible to make it in a different size?

We print and sew dakimakuras in various sizes. The standard sizes are 30x60 cm and 35x140 cm. You can choose the desired size on the website during the ordering process. Please note that the pillow size is measured by the pillowcase (without filler).

Table of pillowcase and dakimakura body pillow sizes with prices
Size, cm Pillowcase+pillow, $ Only pillowcase, $ Only pillow, $
50х200 64 32 34
50х170 55 28 30
50х150 46 22 24
35х170 46 22 24
35х140 35 17 19
30х60 20 14 9
The specific size of the dakimakura pillow is selected in the "Cart" during the checkout process.

Can I order just the pillowcase with a photo print (without the pillow)? How much will it cost?

Yes, you can order just the pillowcase. The price depends on the size (refer to the information above).

Can I order just the inner dakimakura pillow without the pillowcase with a photo print?

Yes, you can. The pillow will be plain white (fabric - spunbond, filling - sintepon).

What fabric is the pillow made of? What filler is used?

The cover (pillowcase) for the dakimakura pillow is made of gabardine (a matte fabric, dense, smooth, soft to the touch, and very flexible), the inner pillow is made of spunbond, and the filler is sintepon.

"What is the production time for the body pillow?"

1-2 business days. Production is located in Riga (Latvia). The delivery time to your city can be found in the Delivery section.

Is it possible to machine wash the body pillow?

Yes, you can check the care instructions on this page.

Does the cost include double-sided print?

Yes, print will be on both sides. If you see a double price in your cart, please make sure there is only one item in the cart, not multiple.

Can I use my own design and print (layout) from your catalog?

Yes, certainly. To do this, you need to upload your image on the Dakimakura Print page, and in the order comments, specify which design from the catalog you would like on the second side.

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